one direction and janoskians

hey yall im 13 and bi and im obsessed with one direction and the janoskians so I blog about it


how i fell in love



NEW VIDEO: “How Big Is My You-Know-What?!

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should i do a fanfic

i saw him across room he was hanging around the radio ,ocasinaly turning the stations when the commercials came on. his emerald green eyes drifted over to me skimming me up and down once he finished he walked over to me his broad body towering over the crowd of people that was around us when he walked he swayed back and forth he swept a dark curl from his four head and took my hand wrote down his number and name and walked off to  his friends. i dont know if i should wright it i think it sounds a little to much like dark i just need feed back…no hate please

Selfie sunday 

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Please play this at my funeral

it was the funniest thing me and my mom were watching SNL  and she was like holy shit i can see there twigs and berries its like down to their ancels and im just like yup you little perv

this is amzayn

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ask away

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I need more followers …is anyone willing to shout me out

I need more followers …is anyone willing to shout me out

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